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Installing Wordpress Themes:

Changing your default Wordpress installation is an easy process. To do so, simply follow these steps:
Uploading Your Theme:
  1. First, download the desired theme that you want to use. The themes offered here at are all Zip archives.
  2. Extract the files into a temporary folder on your computer somewhere.
  3. Using an FTP client to access your Web host, upload the theme files (including the containing directory) into the wp-content/themes directory. For example, the "Cardplayer" theme would belong in wp-content/themes/Cardplayer.
Selecting Your Theme:
After you've uploaded your theme, you still need to tell Wordpress to use it instead of the current theme.
  1. Log into your Wordpress site as an administrator
  2. Go to the "Presentation" area.
  3. Underneath the current theme (shown up top) you'll see the uploaded theme(s) under "Available Themes". Click on the desired theme to make it 'current', and you're all done!